Jan. 2011: SilMinds wins the Global Entrepreneurs Program competition

On 12 January 2011, SilMinds won the U.S. State Department-led Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP).

The GEP Egypt Entrepreneur Showcase enabled select Egyptian startup companies to present their products and services to prominent US investors and entrepreneurs , during the GEP Egypt Delegation in January 2011. The GEP Egypt Selection Committee reviewed all applicants and nominations, and selected 30 startup companies to participate in the program.  These entrepreneurs “pitched” their companies to the US Delegates in a series of private meetings.  The Delegation selected 6 of the most promising startups to present before a panel of US and Egyptian business leaders at the GEP Showcase Event on January 12, 2011.

This panel of Egyptian and US experts reviewed the companies and selected the two most likely to be high-impact, successful role-models in the Egyptian entrepreneurial community.  SilMinds is proud to be one of the two winners.

Jan. 2011: SilMinds top-featured by HPCwire

Egyptian Startup Accelerates High Performance Accounting

Although Egypt is not exactly the epicenter of high-end computing, a tech startup based in Cairo is looking to make its name in an emerging area of HPC. SilMinds has developed hardware accelerator technology designed to speed up a growing set of financial computing applications. The resulting products represent one of the few hardware-based solutions that support decimal floating point (DFP) math.

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