Welcome to SilMinds

SilMinds is an advanced digital IP hardware design house; whose focus is the development of core units and solutions for FPGA  or SoC/ASIC implementation as accelerators and custom coprocessors. Our leading innovations in numerical computing, most particularly IEEE 754-2008 standard floating point arithmetic, enable us to offer high precision solutions optimized to several financial sectors – algorithmic (high frequency) trading, market index publishing, multi-national corporate banking and tax accounting, and large CSP call rating and billing.

The History of Revolutionizing Corporate Banking and Tax Accounting Solutions

Today, let us delve into history and scrutinize the evolutionary trajectory of financial data analysis. This is a compelling topic, given the current dominance of artificial intelligence. However, we are compelled to inquire: what were the precedents?

Software for Digital Health Records – Best Solutions

It is perhaps remarkable that even within the realm of traditional medicine, a digitized paradigm is increasingly gaining traction to optimize its operations. A case in point is the innovative strides made in the realm of Electronic Health Records (EHRs).