SW Tools

Verification Tool

All SilMinds IP core units have been verified using an innovative constraint model driven tool that ensures inclusive coverage of all valid operations corner cases.

The tool has been developed within the context of a joint research project with Cairo University Electronics and Communications Engineering Dept., funded by the RDI program of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and the European Union; and a sequel joint project funded by the ITAC program of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information.


Decimal DecTool

SilMinds DecTool Parser-Coder performs two main functions: Parsing and Coding. It codes from/to Densely Packed Decimal numbers in Hex/Binary format to/from the triplet format: 
(−1) sign × 10^exponent × significand

Furthermore, you can choose the rounding mode out of five different modes. You can use the tool to encode your 16 digits decimal number to a densely packed number in both Hex/Binary formats. In reverse, the tool can decode any Hex/Binary encoded number to its decimal equivalent.

The Parser tool parses the IBM’s IEEE test suite, in addition to Cairo University DFP Test suite. These test-suites contain test cases that target basic formats specified in the IEEE 754-2008 standard. SilMinds DFP Parser-Coder tool parses decimal64 and decimal128 formats for the following operations: 
addition(+-)and subtraction, fused multiply-add(*+), square root(√), multiplication(*) and division(/).

Input files should have “.fptest” extension, input files may need renaming. The tool generates three files: ‘cases.silm’, ‘desc.silm’, and ‘result.silm’

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