Corporate Background

SilMinds was founded in 2008, to capitalize the research work on floating point arithmetic initiated by the company’s CTO, an IEEE 754-2008 committee member, while at Stanford University. Throughout the past seven years, this research has genuinely focused on decimal floating point arithmetic, with SilMinds R&D staff active participation in joint projects with Cairo University and under grants by a number of governmental ICT sector development agencies.

This work has resulted in an extensible, well-verified, and IEEE standard compliant library of close to a dozen DFP arithmetic IP cores, as well as innovative architectures for processor integration, SoC, and FPGA-based acceleration engines. The cores and architectures are backed up by eight pending U.S. patents and several refereed publications.

As an advanced digital hardware design house; SilMinds generically addresses various sectors of the high performance computing market, most particularly related to financial applications.