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SilMinds is listed in The Arab World’s Top 10 Investment Ready Startups
The 6th Investing In Technology Forum; an event that aims to be a networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, regional corporate CEOs, and all technology leaders in the region to get together to share experiences, develop relationships and explore business opportunities; took place in Cairo, Egypt, May 2009. One of the items on the event’s agenda was a series of pitches by Arab technology startups to a panel of the region’s most prominent angel investors and venture capitalists, in hopes to be selected among the top 10 investment ready startups in the Arab world.
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Decimal Floating-Point Arithmetic IP Cores Family

An average computer user speeds up the applications by over twenty times and slashes the energy use to less than 5% if decimal hardware units are employed. Interest in decimal arithmetic increased considerably in recent years. This IP family presents new designs for decimal floating point (DFP) addition, multiplication, fused multiply-add, division, and square root. It stresses the importance of energy savings achieved by hardware implementations of the IEEE 754-2008 standard for decimal floating point.

SilMinds is the first company worldwide to discuss energy savings in DFP and the first to present a hardware implementation of a fused multiply-add. Our Newton-Raphson based divider is over three times faster than the similar design previously reported.

A small presentation for the decimal technology may be downloaded from here
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Design Services

SilMinds uses its acquired know how along with its experienced team (we have a Ph.D. graduate from Stanford and most of the team hold M.Sc.) to deliver one of a kind digital design services.
SilMinds offers turn-key digital IC design solutions ranging from tiny building blocks to relatively large systems.
SilMinds has extensive experience of datapath design. SilMinds area of expertise includes -but not limited to – the following:

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