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Decimal DecTool

SilMinds DecTool Parser-Coder performs two main functions; Parsing and Coding. It codes from/to densely packed decimal numbers in Hex/ Binary format to/from the triplet format;  
Furthermore, you can choose the rounding mode from five different modes. You can use the tool to encode your 16 digits decimal number to a densely packed number in both Hex/Binary formats. In reverse, the tool can decode any Hex/Binary encoded number to its decimal equivalent.
The Parser tool parses the IBM's IEEE test suite . This test-suite contains test cases that target basic formats specified in the IEEE 754R standard. SilMinds DFP Parser-Coder tool parses decimal64 and decimal128 formats for the following operations:  
addition(+-)and subtraction, fused multiply-add(*+), square root(V), multiplication(*) and division(/).


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