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Design Services

SilMinds uses its acquired know how along with its experienced team (we have a Ph.D. graduate from Stanford and most of the team hold M.Sc.) to deliver one of a kind digital design services.
SilMinds offers turn-key digital IC design solutions ranging from tiny building blocks to relatively large systems.
SilMinds has extensive experience of datapath design. SilMinds area of expertise includes -but not limited to – the following:

  • Decimal Converters (available as IPs)
  • Arithmetic Operations (available as IPs)
    •     Adders (CLA, kogge-stone, Binary and decimal)
    •     Multipliers (Binary and decimal)
    •     SRT dividers –(binary and decimal)
    •     Newton Raphson dividers –(binary and decimal)
    •     Squaring unit (binary and decimal)
    •     FMA (binary and decimal)
    •     (3,2)Counters, [4:2] Compressors (binary and decimal)
    •     Decimal x2, x3, x4 & x5 Generators
    •     Booth recoders
    •     Barrel Shifters/Normalizers
    •     Comparators and absolute difference.
  • System Blocks (available as IPs)
    •     Sticky-bit Generator
    •     Leading/Trailing Value Counters
  • IEEE 754r Specific blocks (available as IPs)
    •     Densely Packed Decimal Decoder/Encoder
    •     DPD Leading Zero Counters
    •     Result Rounder (for add, multiply and FMA operations)
  • Communication blocks (available as Design Service)
    •     FFT
    •     Reed solomon encoders/decoders
    •     Viterbi encoders/decoders
    •     Turbo encoders/decoders
  • Cryptography blocks (available as Design Service)
  • Graphics blocks (available as Design Service)  
    •     Shaders

SilMinds offers very attractive business models that can be shaped according to the customer requirements. We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity and strive to live up to every one of our commitments to our customers. We are committed to deliver our customers the required job with the highest achievable quality within the customer budget and timing policies.

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