Apr. 2009: SilMinds contributes to the Arith19 ‘Decimal Arithmetic in Industry’ Panel

The recently published IEEE 754-2008 Floating-Point Standard specifies new Decimal formats and arithmetic. Several companies, large and small, have announced both software and hardware support for this new standardized facility. Arith19 symposium will examine this new support and discuss why decimal floating-point has become popular in microprocessors and applications.

The panelist will review their companies support for Decimal Floating-Point state why they made the choices they did, what consumer needs are addressed by the differences in their products, and share their vision for the future of decimal floating-point arithmetic. Hossam Fahmy, SilMinds Corp. CTO, includes paper entitled “Energy and Delay Improvement via Decimal Units” in addition to this presentation. The presentation shows how decimal technology can affect the global telecoms and financial markets.