SilAx DFPA Coprocessor Accelerator

The core of this product (SilAx) is a vector based generic DFP coprocessor running on an FPGA accelerator card. The hardware accelerator card is accompanied by an API (a function or class library) that handles the basic arithmetic functions (Add, Multiply, etc.) in vector forms and passes them directly to the hardware accelerator.

SilAx family of accelerator cards currently have a standard PCIe interface. SilAx accelerators can be readily deployed into any computing server with at least 4 lane PCIe slot. SilAx accelerators are available based on a number of different FPGA boards equipped with either Altera or Xilinx FPGAs. There are different versions of the coprocessor that run on the FPGA with different number of IP cores depending on the available FPGA size.

Download SilAx 1.0 Data Sheet