Mission and Vision

SilMinds primary mission is to supply the growing market of computer arithmetic with high quality, dependable, and cost effective decimal arithmetic cores. SilMinds deploys its strong technical know-how in the field of decimal floating point arithmetic to provide the world with a family of IP Cores that implements the main DFP algebraic functions, in fast, configurable, high-performance hardware.

SilMinds works to facilitate the process of IP core integration in related customers’ applications to meet their performance demands on time. SilMinds offers a superior custom design service facility, reaching for the main milestones of the digital design flow from ‘System Design’ down to ‘Synthesis’ and ‘Verification’.

With the strong momentum we have gained through pioneering decimal arithmetic technological innovation, SilMinds portends to be the world’s leading IP core and acceleration hardware design and consulting house. Moreover, we aspire to be a qualified contributing member to the high performance ‘green’ computing community.