Welcome to SilMinds

SilMinds offers innovative solutions for Decimal Floating Point Arithmetic (DFPA) hardware and monetary calculation engines acceleration. We are the first to introduce an extensible library of Intellectual Property (IP) core units that is fully compliant with the IEEE 754-2008 standard for floating point arithmetic.

We also offer a comprehensive range of reconfigurable integrated hardware DFP acceleration solutions, supplemented by appropriate complementary binary units, as could be necessary for a full engine hardware offload. A complete solution would be supported by a thin API and code adaptation and transformation guidelines or tools.

SilMinds technology serves various financial applications that merit intense high-precision monetary operations; in sectors such as capital market, core banking, global tax compliance, and the rapidly service-convergent rating and billing by Communications Services Providers (CSPs). Our business motivation is driven by conforming to regulatory precision requirements, yet offering the added value of one or more orders of magnitude computaional speedup.

An estimated 30-40% of worldwide server population are deployed in financial data centers. SilMinds recognizes, and strives to accelerate, fore mentioned application engines that are potentially dominated by 50-90% monetary computing run time.

By Deploying SilMinds technology, financial applications would run faster and be enabled to offer more real-time data-intense financial services features. Further, financial data centers would consume less energy for the same workload, require smaller footprint, and consequently run at lower TCO.