Design Service

SilMinds makes available the distinct knowledge of its technical team to deliver top notch design services, offering turn-key digital IP design solutions ranging from tiny building blocks to relatively large systems.

Our extensive expertise in computer arithmetic, digital and FPGA design, and data path optimization enables us to confidently offer custom (standards compliant) IP design services in any of the following areas:

• Binary and decimal computer arithmetic: fixed/floating-point; arbitrary encoding; components, units, and arithmetic-dominated calculation engines

• Full processor units and components: embedded; coprocessors; general-purpose

• Network application protocol offloads (over TCP/UDP): financial (FIX, FAST, …); precision time stamp (PTP); streaming media (e.g. RTSP, …); virtual private networking (SSL, IPSec); Web services (SOAP); . . .

• DSP for communications and control: filters, modulators/demodulators, PLLs, . . .

• Encryption and compression algorithms for data storage and communications

SilMinds offers very attractive business models that can be tailored to best support our customers budget and schedule constraints.