Hardware Accelerator Cards


SilMinds offers decimal arithmetic co-processor based accelerator card products that can be directly plugged into the server or the personal computer PCIe interface bus or the CPU Socket. The accelerators core functions are implemented using reconfigurable FPGAs. The hardware is supplemented by a C-based API (function library) to support vectorized decimal operations. A vectorizer compiler is under development to facilitate integration into production application environment. Without losing generality, this product line is specially suited to telecoms BSS rating and billing, core banking, payment processing, and financial risk management applications.

The two DFP accelerator product families are:

SilAx  (PCIe Accelerator Cards)

SilAx cards have a PCIe interface. They can be installed in any server with a free PCIe slot.

SilAxPro (In-Socket Accelerator Cards)

SilAxPro cards feature in-socket interfaces so that they can be directly plugged into the server’s CPU socket.The in-socket connectivity results in lower transfer latency and is well suited to high density server environments thanks to the smaller card size. SilAxPro product release is planned for end 2011.